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DarkPress Theme

darkpressblogscreenshotThe release of the Facebuddy theme has been a great success for us: over 70 downloads and more than 800 views in two days are very nice numbers for a website born three days ago. Now we want to demonstrate our gratitude releasing another free theme, very, very different from the previous one.

DarkPress is a theme that is going to become a classic in the Buddy Press themes history (note: this version is for the RC1 version of Buddy Press, we will upgrade this to the Buddy Press 1.0 in the future). Black and blue atmosphere, professional looking, it can be suitable for communities that talk about music, software, videogames, sci-fi, media, and a lot of other things. Customizing it with your logo and/or header image is really easy, and i’ve included a full installation guide text in the download.

The experience of Facebuddy has been important to avoid the installation bugs that came with the early version of that theme. I hope this will help the Buddy Press community to grow up, because Andy Peatling has maden a great work with that software. Don’t forget to show here in the comments a link to your website with DarkPress running!

Here is the video showcase of DarkPress:

Download this theme here:


Websites that run this theme:


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60 Responses to “DarkPress Theme”

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  2. Sgrunt says:

    i’ve updated the beta..now you can donate :-))

  3. cheryljns says:

    I vote with Chickenwaffle. Go ahead and release it with a disclaimer that it is a “Beta” version. :-)

  4. Chickenwaffle says:

    Do you know when it will be done? Can you post the updated version even though it doesn’t work correctly with IE and then update the files when it is fixed?


  5. Sgrunt says:

    the theme is ready but grrr.there is a problem in cropping avatars, using internet explorer. This is getting me mad.

  6. cheryljns says:

    I keep checking back every morning … Just to see if the new version of Dark Press is ready yet. :-)

    Thanks for all your hard work.

  7. Sgrunt says:

    this happens because you are using DarkPress on a 1.0 (or later) version of BP, while DarkPress is currently released for the RC1 old version. Now i’m working on the update and i’ll release it soon.

  8. petersollner@blk1.com says:

    I would love to use this theme however the navigation buttons “Members” “Groups” and “blogs” do not navigate to any valid page. Could you fix and provide an updated version. Happy to Donate for your efforts.

  9. Sgrunt says:

    i have nice news for you: i’ll release the DarkPress Theme for 1.01 version of BP. I’m working on it and will be online very soon

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