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Shouty Theme

shoutycoverTa daaa…another free theme is going to make you happy! Shouty is the name of this new, fresh, clean theme. It is suitable for 2.0 bloggers, communities, twitter enthusiasts, with its vivid colors that turn on a lighty layout. The theme is on two columns (center and right widgets are both on the right side), and thumbnails change opacity on the mouseover.

The bp-theme menu is on two rows, and so…this is really really different from the default Buddy Press theme. This version is still in beta (i have problems in uploading images, but maybe it is my local installation issue, so you could please test this). The version come for the RC2 version of BP, and so you cannot use it with the older release.

Shouty Home


Watching a profile page


Watching a group page


Profile page when not logged in


You can see Shouty Theme running on these websites:


Here is the free download link, and remember to donate through the Paypal button. I hope you like it, and remember that this is really a beta release, so it is possible that some issues will come out.


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  1. thx dude i interest sosmed on buddypress. so good. awesome

  2. thx..i try use buddypress for my community…

  3. Vijay Kudal says:

    I ok it for try ,I can install old version of buddypress,theme seems promising

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