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FaceBuddy 1.0

facebuddy10As you know the official 1.0 version of Buddy Press is definitively out, and i think you wish to update your free FaceBuddy theme to the new one. This theme has been downloaded more than 1170 times and used on hundred of websites, and so is really important to me giving assistance to it. Other themes updates will follow soon. If you are new to Facebuddy and you wish to see some screenshots please go there, and then come back for the download.

As always, please consider that this is a beta release of the theme and so some issues will jump out while trying. Also remember that using the Paypal button to donate some money, will be really appreciated! Enjoy it!


59 Responses to “FaceBuddy 1.0”

  1. how to download this????????

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  4. RaiN says:

    What version of BP is this theme compatible?

  5. danto says:

    This theme does not work with the latest BuddyPress. It’s a shame too.

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  7. laloma says:

    Dear Sirs:

    Is there a possibilities to have Facebuddy for BP Version 1.1 in the future ? Aprox. when ?


  8. inghoward says:

    Is there a way to have nested comments in this theme?

  9. gregfielding says:

    How can I fix this bug?

    There is no botton to crop the avatar.

    After I upload the image in my profile, I am able to crop the thumbnail. Then the page loads the larger avatar and asks me to crop. I highlight the area…but the is no button to “crop a full-sized image of your avatar”


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  11. #32 – 2009 says:

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  12. wpdesigners says:

    Groups Error: FB1.0 has an error when trying to display the main groups directory page. The page displays “page not available” rather than the groups directory. Links to specific groups work correctly.

    I’ve abandoned FB1.0 (returning to the default BP home theme) until the error is corrected.

  13. doluongtruong says:

    WordPress MU 2.8.1 and BuddyPress 1.0.3 have change, it very great. However, This Theme is not available for use. Please check again and update it. I use it in http://hoitublog.com . You can test it there, it is not active. Wait for FaceBuddy 1.1 :)

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